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Sure, the electronic logging, calculating is great but what makes the program, Insight? Our automated reports can be ran at any moment – whether to check daily production, user productivity, company performance, payroll and more.

Why is the reporting feature such a highlight of Insight? For starters, all reports are calculated within the program (no more spending time crunching sales numbers), you can run a report at any time of the day so you know EXACTLY what your business is doing. But, the most noteworthy feature of Insight reports is the automated email capabilities.That’s right, you don’t event have to log in to the program and still get updates via email. How’s that for offering you Insight on how your company is doing.

Before you set up your email reports, let’s get familiar with the report function and types.
Log into Insight and click onto REPORTS
Welcome to your REPORT Index. Take a minute to learn about the variety of reports we offer with Insight.
COMPANY PERFORMANCE: Show comprehensive sales totals in a side-by-side format for all locations. Have more than 1 location? This report will show total sales by location, as well as your company’s total production for the selected month/ year.
DAILY PRODUCTION: Show all sales, cancellations, and membership information for the specified date. This report will run all your daily activity- broken down into transaction type, payment amount, user, payment type, etc.
LOCATION PERFORMANCE: Show comprehensive sales totals in a side-by-side format for the selected year and month. Have more than one location but want to focus in ONE particular location? Run a report here and see how your selected location is doing. This report allows you to compare ONE location’s monthly productivity. Insight takes out all the guess work and calculates your progress against the selected month and current month. (Tip: When running this report, you want to see GREEN numbers – indicating positive growth.)
PAYROLL BY LOCATION:Show all commissions for all users at all locations during the specified date range. Need to run a detailed report on commissions produced at a specific location? Want to see how much you are going to have to pay out in commission during a specific date range? Pull up the details on this report.
PAYROLL BY USER: Show all commissions for all users at all locations during the specified date range. This report allows you to see what each user produced during a specific date range. No need to calculate commissions for payroll- just run a report!
SALES TOTALS: Show daily and monthly sales totals for all categories and locations on the specified date. For those who want to see an sales overview of all your locations, as well as a breakdown of transaction types. This report shows you how each location is doing in terms of membership sales, dues, back dues, training and gross totals. Not only do you get to see production for the month, you can select a specific date of interest.

SALES TOTALS BY USER: Show total sales for each user during the specified date range. Run this report to see a breakdown of all your users by sales totals (sales types).

USER COMMISSIONS: Show all commissions for all users during the specified date range. Want to see all the commissions produced during a specific date range? Run this report for a breakdown by transaction as well as sales totals and commission totals for the date range.
Now that you know the report types, learn how to run the desired report.
Click VIEW on the desired report type. (Screen shots for each report type are shown above.)
Once on the report you have the option of going back to REPORTS or subscribing to the report type with SUBSCRIPTION.
You’ve seen your reports and now you want to SUBSCRIBE to them so that you have the convenience of getting reports emailed to you.
Click SUBSCRIBE on your desired report type on the REPORTS page.
Subscription options vary by report type but can be broken down to email frequency preference.
Frequency: Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Weekly, Daily, On change
Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly Frequency options will ask for a START DATE.
Weekly, Daily options will ask for a specific DAY of the week for emails.Once you specify frequency – you will be asked what time of day you want the reports to run. If you are seeking a full day’s summary you should pick a time later in the evening. However, please keep in mind the reports are sent in real time so if you select an 11pm report time, you will get an email at 11pm.
If you select ON CHANGE – you will receive an email EVERY time a new entry is added to your program.
Go through the REPORTS page to figure out which email reports will be most beneficial to you and your business.
Reminder: Reports can be scheduled for specific dates (days of the week) – so, if you are looking to run reports for payroll you can set your subscriptions to run reports in a timely manner.
NOTE: Email reports will be sent to the email account linked to your user account.
Run your reports, manage your subscriptions and be connected to your gyms’ productivity at all times. Now you definitely have INSIGHT into your business.

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