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Hi Guys,
Quick update, the following features/fixes have been added to Insight in the last few days:

  • Issue #107: Add date scrolling buttons to date report view
  • Issue #115: Update commission rule settings
  • Issue #137: Special character isn’t rendering on Edit Location
  • Issue #138: Can’t delete Misc. sales
  • Issue #139: Add NMS total to DPR view
  • Issue #141: Redirect ALL logins from Accounts to Insight
  • Issue #145: Training entry: Hide ‘Existing Clients’ box on selection
  • Issue #146: Edit PT Client: Auto-select assigned trainer from drop down
  • Issue #152: Add monthly goals progress bars to the DPR view
  • Issue #154: Add user commission groups

#154 is the biggest change: rather than setting commissions for a specific location, you now set commission and payout rules for a group of users. You have full functionality to create, edit, and delete user groups. Once you’ve created a user group, you can add a user to that group by editing the user and selecting the new group from the drop down menu.

You may also notice the graphical progress bars on the Production view. The progress bars will only be visible if you’ve set monthly goals for your location under Edit Location. The daily goals are calculated by taking your monthly goals and dividing them by the number of days in the month. More detailed goals are coming soon, including: daily, weekly, and monthly goals with projections for each.


Cheers, and thank you again for being a dedicated beta tester.

As always, we appreciate all of your comments and feedback!

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