Insight: How To View (and understand) The Dashboard

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  • Insight: How To View (and understand) The Dashboard

Quick checklist:

Create an account – CHECK

Enter a membership sale – CHECK

Delete a membership sale – CHECK

So, where do you go and see all of the transactions? Click on over to your DASHBOARD for a snap shot of a location’s daily activity.

What does all of this mean? The DASHBOARD shows you all of the following: daily transactions (broken down by type), salesperson productivity breakdown, daily goals, monthly goals, personal training breakdown, and of course your daily sales total.

Let’s break it down…


All transactions logged for the current day will be reflected on the dashboard. This allows you to see general transaction information. For a detailed transaction summary go to your Daily Production Screen ( Not sure how? Click HERE.)


The Dashboard allows you visually measure your daily activity against your daily goals.

(As the owner of your account you are able to set your daily goals per location. (How To Coming Soon).)NMS (New Memberships Sale): The total dollar amount collected from membership sales.

PT (Personal Training): The total dollar amount collected from new personal training sessions sold.

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer): The amount of recurring revenue received from your daily transactions.

Your DAILY GOALS are listed in BOLD on the bottom, while your DAILY TOTALS are listed on the top row.

Each pie chart calculates the production percentage against the daily goal for that transaction detail. When a pie chart is GREEN it means you have exceeded your goal. When a pie chart is RED it means you have NOT met your daily goal – keep selling!


Similar to the daily goals but this section features your MONTHLY goals.

Again, green means you have met your goal, red means keep selling!


Want to see how your sales team / managers are doing? Insight logs each sale by salesperson – making it easy for you (and the sales team) to monitor their sales against other team members.


Forget paper logs to track your outstanding training sessions. Insight breaks down your ‘unused training sessions’ as well as outstanding monies in training sessions.


Last but not least your daily sales totals. One quick look an see how your gym location is doing today, right now.


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