Insight: How To View (and understand) The Daily Production Screen

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  • Insight: How To View (and understand) The Daily Production Screen

Now that you are all set up with your account and getting familiar with the program – let’s get you familiar with the ”heart” – the Daily Production Screen (DPS).

The DPS is your command center where you will be logging sales, personal training sessions, changes in membership, miscellaneous sales, etc. This one screen tells you exactly what your location is doing on any given moment and day.

Here’s your “Go To Guide” in viewing and understanding your DPS.

Step 0: Let’s assume you already know how to log in (if you are still confused as to how to log in – please read over the previous posts).

Step 1: Once you have logged into your account click on PRODUCTION to view your DPS.

Step 2: Welcome to your DAILY PRODUCTION SCREEN.

*Note: Your DPS will look like the below before entering sales / transactions*

Step 3: Get familiar with the details.

Hover your mouse over the column headers to see a brief description:

#NMU: New Member Units: The number of memberships sold (total number of members for that particular sale).

TERM: MTM: Month-to-month, PIF: Paid in full, # Ses: # of sessions, Cancel, Misc: Miscellaneous/Other sale

NMS: New Membership Sale: The total dollar amount collected.

EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer: The amount of recurring revenue received from this sale

DUES: Membership Dues Owed: Money that was owed to the gym.

PT: Personal Training

Step 4: Understand the transaction.

Harvey Mills signed up for a Month to Month membership (as 1 new member). He paid (Visa) $69.00 at time of sign up and has a monthly electronic funds transfer of $34.50 (his monthly fee). He was assigned key # 002267 by CB.

Step 5: Need to enter a transaction? Click on the type of transaction you are entering. Learn how to enter a membership sale HERE

Step 6: Your Daily Totals

The daily breakdown of all totals is listed on the bottom right corner of the DPS. Insight will calculate all your transactions, so you don’t have to!

Step 7: Monitor your progress by checking your daily goals.

Great snapshot of your daily progress. Once you set your daily and/or monthly goals (How To- coming soon), Insight will run your daily numbers against your daily goals for a quick view of your daily production.

As you can see- the DPS provides you with a detailed look of your daily activity – including personal training, cancellations, and sales.

Next Up: How To Run A Report



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