Updates to Insight: 5 issues resolved

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  • Updates to Insight: 5 issues resolved

Hi guys,
Just a quick update, we just pushed a new version of the Insight software live. The new version includes the following fixes or enhancements:

  • Issue #103: Added the ability to change username from the Account->Update Account tab
  • Issue #104: Added Personal Training totals to both the Location Performance and Company Performance reports
  • Issue #129: Fixed a potential bug with the Accounts API
  • Issue #130: When viewing other users’ (not your own) commission sheets, the program was not remembering who you were last viewing. The program will now remember who’s commission sheet you are viewing to making editing easier. This only applies to users with OWNER level access
  • Issue #135: Some of the display elements on the Production Entry screen weren’t rendering correctly in older versions of Internet Explorer

Thank you for all of your feedback! Here’s a quick look at fixes/enhancements coming in the next few days:

  • Add date scrolling buttons to reports which allow you to enter a specific date. This will allow you to easily scroll forward and backward 1 day as you can already do in the daily production view.
  • Update commission rule settings to make it easier for owners to specify and edit the commissions for the specified entry types (i.e. Memberships, Personal Training, et cetera)
  • Recurring commissions: This feature will allow owners to specify a day of the month and a fixed dollar amount to put on a user’s commission sheet. This feature will be useful for gyms who want to automatically add a Base Pay amount or Fixed Commission amount on specific days each month.

Happy Super Bowl! Go Patriots!

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