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Keeping Gym Clients on the Roster

What does it take for a person to show up at the gym after they've paid their dues? What is the difference between the individual who exercises regularly and the one who drops the ball? Scientific research suggests it may all boil down to competency and support. People need to feel good at what they're doing and know others are in the game with them. Recent psychology research on motivation calls this the self-determination theory (SDT). How interested a person is in continuing something is driven by how well an activity meets one's need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Exercisers [...]


Barbell Cage Versus Leg Press Machine Versus Smith Machine: Which Leg Equipment Should You Prioritize?

It's not always easy to know which equipment you need to stock in your gym right off the bat. Some gyms operate under strict financial constraints, while others have smaller indoor spaces than they'd ideally like. In a perfect world, of course, you would be able to start with the most essential equipment and then expand to include more as your business also expands. But where do you start? What are the essentials? And if you have to choose between a high-quality barbell cage, smith machine, or leg press machine to fill out your "lower body" equipment section, what's the [...]


How to Empower Your Employees

It's not always easy to strike a balance between managing your employees closely and letting them take initiative. Depending on your management style, you might feel it's more in your nature to micromanage your employees' tasks and ensure everyone is getting the job done according to your standards. Or, if you lean toward the other end of that spectrum, you might enjoy taking your hands off the reins and allowing your workers the slack to largely manage themselves. In most cases, the "right" approach falls somewhere in the gray area between those two extremes. Only you know how your employees [...]


Getting Through the Slow Season

Everyone in the fitness industry knows about the dreaded slow season. The hot months of summer, June through August in the United States, are notorious for low client participation and a dearth of new memberships. How can you weather the heat and keep your gym running smoothly even during the slowest of summers? Plan Ahead For The Seasonal Dip The good news about the slow season is that it's widely known and accepted, so you can anticipate it. Don't let June's lack of client engagement take you by surprise. Plan your year ahead of time, from your annual budget to [...]


Reflection and Planning Bring Three Things To Gym Management

As a professional fitness operator, with interest in the Gym Insight Blog, you probably know how to prompt reflection and planning for your members and clients. Working with clients and giving them feedback on their workout regimens and redirecting them for better results is a fundamental part of the fitness profession. When you use the tools of your business as the keys to leadership, you'll go much further, stay in business as long as you want, and make a higher level of profits in return. Like the classic leadership book by Stephen Covey, reflection and planning give fitness club owners [...]


Keep Your Fitness Center Clean And Make Safety The Priority

How Much Old School Is Too Much? There is a certain romance to the idea of a hardcore backstreet gym where you find the driven athletes and bodybuilders. One that's as run down on the inside as it is on the outside. You can imagine the grisly old owner-slash-coach taking payments in cash and keeping accounts in his head. Only Hollywood writers and Elmore Leonard could get away with this idea of a seedy and decrepit shed. The reality is that the club industry is hyper-competitive and if you want to attract the type of consumers who are committed to [...]


How The Cloud Helps Small Gym Business Owners Compete

If you're one of the many Insight Gym Management Software users, you have used our cloud-based services. So what is this cloud and why does it help small business owners and fitness clubs run businesses? Talk about the Cloud seems to be everywhere these days. Any time you use applications like Facebook, Slack, MS Office 365, or one of the many others, that's the cloud. Apps that appear in your web browser or your mobile device put all of the work on the far side of the connection to deliver better service and to do it efficiently. The cloud is [...]


The Challenge To Combine Fitness And Healthcare Businesses

Fitness In The Healthcare Business Prescription Healthcare and fitness are closely related, as you already know, no doubt. There is also a consensus among organizations like the ACSM and the medical profession that exercise is essential to human health, also that technology changes the way we deliver care. As fitness becomes part of medical prescriptions more frequently, it sounds like good news for fitness professionals who have the knowledge and certifications to capitalize on the trend. Before you rush into any healthcare related business commitments, though, make sure you understand the burden of responsibility you'll take on for data protection. [...]


Employee Retention Requires You Set The Right Tone

When you have the highest possible rate of employee retention it keeps the work and the cost down; it will also reflect in your levels of membership retention too. Unfortunately, hiring staff can be like jumping on a treadmill that's cranked up to eleven; it's hard work that takes all your time and another expense to eat into your bottom line if you have to keep doing it. The point of having employees is to have reliable and competent agents, so you can go home, relax, and sleep soundly at night, leaving them in charge. It is enough hard work [...]


AR Augments Your Fitness Center For A New Reality

I recently wrote a post about virtual reality and mentioned Augmented Reality, which extends VR into the real world. When you superimpose digital images onto the real world with AR software that makes them interact with your physical space. So, all of this talk about things likes VR and AR in the gym sound like science fiction, but they are coming at us fast. We still don't know how things will play out, but the technology is largely in place it just remains for entrepreneurs and consumers to figure out what works and what they want. VR Enters Your Reality [...]


Endurance And Stamina For Gym Ownership

Owning A Gym Probably Will Not Kill You Spartan Race exhorts you to push harder! So says Joe De Sena who we have covered in the past and presently has a new book in print. Spartan is the endurance fitness event company that is De Sena's brainchild; he's a believer in finding the edge of exhaustion, and then to start doing some real training. Endurance events provide a test that few other things in life can do safely. There are plenty of things that will test your endurance unsafely; war zones, being lost alone in the wilderness, but I think [...]


Marketing To Pick Up Members During The Slow Months Of Summer

What is marketing about if not finding new customers? And when business is at its slowest surely that is the time to shift down a gear and get the marketing efforts going properly. Marketing is about customers, who they are and what they want, as well as how you can mold your business to pick up some new members. You can bring in new members who want what you have and to do it at the lowest possible cost to you in the process. Of course, marketing takes an investment of time and energy, if not capital. If you are [...]


Is It Time To Hire A Gym Business Manager?

Facing The Day You Decide To Hire Managers When it comes to hiring new people for critical positions in a growing business, gym owners often find that it's a tricky affair; the needs are many, and so are the hazards. It's one of the things that can have a lasting impact on your company and your ability to scale your outfit up to enterprise scale. When your gym membership grows, and you have a small hourly or commission-based team that needs more direction than you can manage on your own, it is time to start considering the possibilities of bringing [...]

Key with "Future" on it

Six Simple Software Industry Lessons For Gym Management

Crossing The Streams For Fun And Learning I'd like to think that there's some extra value hidden within the Gym Insight Blog: This is a company that crosses the two industries of software and gym management to help gym owners be competitive and offer better service levels for their customers. The software industry has some great lessons for all business owners. When you need to come up with results such as opening a new gym or creating a franchise, taking the actions that get results is the difference between success and failure. The software development industry is very competitive and [...]


Profitability – The Key To The Gym Business

Apart From Your Club Members That Is Sometimes, when you are a fitness industry small business owner you feel like your gym is a boxing ring with your office right in the middle of it. You might even feel like you are the punching bag from time to time. Owning a small business is hard work and not something to take lightly. Of all the things that will give you stress and worry the one that you must deal with most effectively is financial pressure. That pressure is the question of profitability or the net income that your business brings [...]