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Every member that goes to a gym uses some type of exercise equipment. Providing a variety of exercise equipment is probably the most obvious and important service that a health club offers. If members did not have to use equipment to work out, there would be no point (other than camaraderie and accountability) in joining your health club. Therefore, one could reasonably conclude, that one sign of a good gym is the variety of exercise equipment that it offers.

In order to attract new customers to join your gym, it is important to keep up with the trends as well as to make sure that you keep things fresh for your existing members. Members not only expect well maintained equipment but also require a wide range of equipment. It is best to have all the possible equipments and facilities so that customers will not turn to one of your competitors just because they are not being provided with everything they need under one roof.

Previous posts, like "To Buy or To Lease Gym Equipment? That is the question…" and "Top Ten Ways to Save Money When Opening a Gym" discussed the pros and cons of purchasing and/or leasing exercise equipment. Once you, as the gym owner, have made the decision to either lease or cash purchase your equipment, next you will have decide whether or not you would like your facility to have brand new or used exercise equipment.

Benefits of used fitness equipment

For this post, I am going to discuss the purchase of used equipment because that is what I have personal experience in. Although, I have purchased brand new accessories like yoga mats, kettle bells, back braces, etc; I have never purchased brand new exercise equipment for my gyms. The reason why? Brand new gym equipment is extremely expensive, and I simply could not afford it.

Generally speaking, it is a known fact that used equipment has a depreciated Wanted Poster with 1 million dollar rewardvalue as compared to brand new equipments. So instead of getting new equipments at a higher price, a gym owner can get the same equipment (and more of it) for a lower price. If you are hung up on the fact that you are opening a brand new gym and want brand new equipment to accompany it, look at it logically, a person who goes to the gym will use the equipment that has already been used by someone else. Hence, the second that a piece of brand new equipment is used, the next person to use it, is using used equipment!

Unfortunately, the world of used fitness equipment is like navigating the Wild Wild West. There are really no rules. There is no set valuation or industry standard based on the amount of usage, brand name, or year built. However, there are some great used equipment stores that provide a plethora of equipment in their warehouses, and they are truly great adventures!

My Own Adventure

The warehouse that I have the most experience with is CSM Fitness Equipment. I have absolutely no affiliation with CSM, but have worked with them a number of times. They provide used (as is), new, demo, and re-manufactured equipment.

To describe my most recent adventure with CSM, just last month, I had to replace 2 broken bikes and wanted to purchase additional ones as well. I trailered the two broken bikes and a broken Nautilus elliptical from my Las Vegas gym, to the CSM warehouse in California. Once I arrived and pulled into CSM’s warehouse parking lot, I first had to acclimate to the extreme temperature change (Vegas 117 degrees – Los Angeles 73 degrees). I then went inside the warehouse and told customer service that I was looking to purchase 4 bikes total and that I had 3 pieces of my own equipment to sell to them. I was then guided into the section of the warehouse where the bikes were located, and I started my search. After I found all matching bikes in good condition, I then showed the owner the equipment that I wanted him to consider purchasing from me. Terms were negotiated for better than I expected. My trailer full of broken gym equipment was then unloaded and then reloaded with used working bikes! It was simple as that (except for the drive back to 117 degree heat).

Used Equipment Resources

The biggest advantage of buying used equipments for your gym is that all the equipments are at a lower price in comparison to new ones. This is extremely beneficial for gyms that are opening for the first time or for those gyms that need to cycle in and out equipment frequently. Gyms that are looking to acquire such equipments need not look too far as CSM Fitness Equipment has warehouses located in Garden Grove, California and Kennesaw, Georgia.

Another great resource for used gym equipment is Global Fitness. Global Fitness provides both used equipment and refurbished equipment. Their warehouse is located in Los Angeles and Gardena, California. Global Fitness also offers shipments within 48 hours to any part of the world.

If you are adventurous and hands-on like I am, you too can have the same experience and go directly to one of these warehouses, browse through over 10,000 pieces of exercise equipment, and select each piece by hand.

Topics for Discussion:

Where did you purchase used fitness equipment for your fitness business?
Did you have a good experience with the purchase?
Are there any other credible, used fitness equipment providers that I did not mention?


Samir Nassar
June 11, 2019

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October 9, 2015

Really informative for myself cause i was thinking to buy some health and fitness equipments but the problem is my BUDGET 🙁 after reading this article and checking the resources I’ve changed my idea and i think now budget should be comfortable 😀 thanks for sharing 🙂

Lawrence Fagan
November 15, 2014

Thank you for your feedback; I really appreciate your support!

November 13, 2014

I read your post and i really admire the article about the benefits of used fitness equipment.

Emily - EquipNet.com
January 30, 2014

Used gym equipments seem much sought after by the businesses man who have recently opened fitness centre. However, make sure the equipments work very well. Consumers pay expensive enough to be able to exercise in the gym. They will be satisfied with good equipment.

Roberts Tracy
January 9, 2014

Well your posts sounds real resourceful for those keen on having their own gym at home with all the required fitness equipments like speed cable jump rope, vtx bumper plates.

Alice Ross
December 22, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing these pieces of information. For me, I do not think that buying second hand or used fitness equipment is bad at all. If you want to be practical then it is fine if you get the used equipment. There are those that are still in a very good condition. You just have to assess it carefully and make sure that its value is worth it.

Buy Fitness Equipment Online
September 26, 2013

Thanks for sharing the nice post with us. If someone is not able to buy brand new fitness equipment, then used fitness equipment available in the market or you can get it online.

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